F.Y.P – My Man Grumpy LP (yellow)

Image of F.Y.P – My Man Grumpy LP (yellow)


Hey Suburbia

18 track Yellow Vinyl LP Limited to 500 copies

Originally released by Recess Records in 1997, and produced by Blag Dahlia of the Dwarves, this is FYP's 4th album before they disbanded and eventually became Toys That Kill.

A1 Shitheel
A2 I Egged The President
A3 Undumb
A4 Rabid
A5 I Dunno What's Happening To Me
A6 I'm Over Now
A7 I Am Not An Elephant, I'm A Buffoon
A8 Pork Rinds & Yoohoo
A9 Buried
B1 Get Away (I Smell)
B2 Motherfucker, Cheap Thumbsucker
B3 I Don't Wanna Live To See Tomorrow
B4 Chastity Belt Blues
B5 Allergic
B6 I Don't Wanna Carry Your Books
B7 Powerlines
B8 Superbowl Sunday
B9 Slitwrists

The full album is on YouTube