Geoff Palmer - Standing In The Spotlight LP (yellow vinyl)

Image of Geoff Palmer - Standing In The Spotlight LP (yellow vinyl)


Stardumb Records

10 track LP on either Yellow or Black Vinyl (limited to 250 copies each)

After two critically acclaimed solo albums, Geoff Palmer (The Connection, The Guts, Kurt Baker Band) is back with his third full-length, this time coming with a surprising cover album. Ever since Screeching Weasel covered the self-titled Ramones debut, it became a tradition among punk rock bands to cover Ramones albums in their entirety. So far, Dee Dee King’s infamous 1989 rap album ’Standing In The Spotlight’ – hated by some, dearly loved by others – remained untouched, though. Until now! With the help of a bunch of friends (including Kurt Baker, Brad Marino, and Mass Giorgini), Geoff Palmer pays tribute to this piece of history by lovingly covering it, hopefully putting a spotlight on these songs to bring them to a new generation. Out on Dee Dee’s birthday, September 18th.

A1 Mashed Potato Time
A2 2 Much 2 Drink
A3 Baby Doll
A4 Poor Little Rich Girl
A5 Commotion In The Ocean
B1 German Kid
B2 Brooklyn Babe
B3 Emergency
B4 The Crusher
B5 I Want What I Want When I Want It

Check out the song Emergency here