Hey Maxine! - Demo 2019 (tape)


Brassneck Records (srts-01-01)

5 track green demo tape limited to 50 copies

The first release in the Brassneck Short Run Tape Series is from Hey Maxine! who are made up of members of CROCODILE GOD, THE DOWN AND OUTS & PARDON US, THE NO MARKS (etc). 5 short catchy melodic UK punk jams with only 1 of the songs breaking the 2 minute mark.

This series of tapes will include demos, unreleased songs, debut releases, comps, etc from friends of Brassneck. I know the tape resurgence isn't everyone's cup of tea, but this is an affordable opportunity for new bands to get something on their merch tables and to get their music out there on a reasonably priced, physical format aside from the endless stream of Spotify playlists & bandcamp pages.

While a limited number of copies are available here, I encourage you to go out and catch these bands live and, if you like what you hear, buy one of these tapes directly from them.

01 - Waiting Time
02 - All My Friends Are Gone
03 - Cops In Space
04 - End Of The World
05 - Son

Listen / Download here