Howardian - Are You A Frienda Brenda LP (mix colour vinyl)

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10 track Red Multi-colour MixVinyl LP

Howardian is a punk rock art rock group fronted by Ian Vanek (ex-Japanther) established in 1994. This is like their 7th LP!!! Howardian uses analog drum machines and my main man Mustafa, an array of synth melodies and family sized bass lines to cook an authentic soulful sound. Thoughtful lyrics are delivered in a unique manner while surfy drums pound under the warm wall of sound. It can at times be thick with technical poly rhythms. It may have sticky piano driven melodies and sly lyrics. Howardian's tracks feature fuzzy, distorted walls of sound and plenty of samples, all with a scuzzy garage-rock vibe.

FFO: Japanther, Shellshag, Mind Spiders, The Brokedowns, Vacation etc...

A1 Rock Candy
A2 Downers Grove
A3 Cabrillo Beach
A4 Pacific County
A5 Gravelly Lake
B1 Marathon Key
B2 Tecate Divide
B3 Pfaff's Cave
B4 Cape Blanco
B5 Villa Straylight

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