Huntingtons – Get Lost LP (colour vinyl) LAST COPY

Image of Huntingtons – Get Lost LP (colour vinyl) LAST COPY


Sexy Baby Records

12 track Random Colour Vinyl LP (various shades of maroon or orangey brown with multi colour splatter)

New reissue fo the 1999 pop punk classic. Sorry they're so expensive but I'm selling them at cost price to keep things as reasonable as I can. Waaay cheaper than anywhere else.

A1 No Pool Party Tonite
A2 I'm Not Going Downtown
A3 Hooray For You
A4 Shut Up
A5 Joanie's Got Problems
A6 Poster Kids
B1 What Would Joey Do?
B2 Samantha Doesn't Want Me
B3 Guilty
B4 Annie's Anorexic
B5 Somebody's Trying To Kill Me
B6 I Don't Want It To End This Way