Huntingtons – Plastic Surgery LP (colour vinyl)

Image of Huntingtons – Plastic Surgery LP (colour vinyl)


Sexy Baby Records

14 track "Dark Chocolate Marble" Vinyl

New reissue fo the 2000 pop punk classic. Sorry they're so expensive but I'm selling them at cost price to keep things as reasonable as I can. Waaay cheaper than anywhere else.

A1 I Wanna Be A Ramone
A2 Heartbreak Of The Hardy Holly
A3 American War Machine
A4 I Would Give You Anything
A5 Tell Me Goodnight
A6 Moral Threat
A7 I'll See You Tonite
B1 Growing Up Is No Fun
B2 Girls Gone Crazy
B3 Don't Clone Me
B4 I Don't Wanna Go Out With Her
B5 Now I'm Alright
B6 I'm Not Dangerous
B7 Mutant Monster Beach Party