John Hinckley - Never Ending Quest 7" (colour)

Image of John Hinckley - Never Ending Quest 7" (colour)


Rad Girlfriend Records

2 track Random Colour Vinyl 7" Limited to 100 copies

In a surprising twist of fate, John Hinckley (yup, the guy who shot Reagan) has reemerged in an unexpected realm - punk rock. This 7" released on esteemed punk rock label Rad Girlfriend Records, stands as a testament to Hinckley's journey of reinvention and resilience, channeling his passion for music into a platform that diverges from the infamous event that once defined his name. The record, infused with raw emotion and the unmistakeable spirit of punk rock, offers a glimpse into Hinckley's artistic evolutions. His musical career unfolds as a complex tapestry of redemption and self expression, tracing a path that sharply diverges from the headlines that made him infamous. The tracks on the 7" reflect a musical maturity cultivated over years of dedication to his songwriting.

A - Never Ending Quest
B - The Majesty Of Love