Jumpstarted Plowhards ‎– Round One LP (blue vinyl)

Image of Jumpstarted Plowhards ‎– Round One LP (blue vinyl)


Recess Records (Recess 210)

8 track Blue Vinyl LP

Round One is the first of series of projected releases from Jumpstarted Plowhards, a furiously rocking combo featuring bassist extraordinaire mike watt (MINUTEMEN, fIREHOSE, Stooges and countless collaborations), guitarist/singer Todd Congelliere (Toys That Kill, F.Y.P, Underground Railroad to Candyland) and a rotating cast of drummers including George Hurley (MINUTEMEN, fIREHOSE), Patty Schemel (Hole), as well as regular watt colleagues Jerry Trebotic (secondmen) and Raul Morales (missingmen) among others.

A1 On The Counter
A2 The Punk Setup
A3 The Garter Snakes
A4 Claws Break Down
B5 Yeah, We're Gonna Learn to Fall
B6 Makin' It All Settle Down
B7 Commie Klara
B8 Babylon Gone

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