Lotus / Ship of Fools - Split LP

Image of Lotus / Ship of Fools - Split LP


Shield Recordings

12 track Black Vinyl LP

Stuck between a myriad of responsibilities on the one hand and a complete cultural standstill on the other, LOTUS dove into the studio in-between covid lockdowns to do away with a stifling period of creative nothingness. With the help of Thomas Valkiers, the band sought out a rawer, more analogue sound without moving away from the intensity LOTUS has been known for all these years. The result is a no frills attached 5-track EP that perfectly captures the LOTUS spirit: to live and die by the minute and a bit.

Side B of this record features Ship Of Fools, a brand-new musical endeavour by Martijn (Angstgegner, Otis, Schelles) and Joep (Pressure Pact, Bare Hands, The Cosmosians, Demarcation Line) that started out as a 2-man project in 2019, but has grown into a full band in 2022. 7 fresh tracks of high-speed and brutally honest punk rock tie together their two EPs recorded at the iconic Studio 195 in November of 2019 and May of 2020. Sporting a band name that pays homage to the Canadian band Fucked Up, expect a comparable batch of groovy deliciousness!

A1 Lotus – Saltless Barrel
A2 Lotus – Ouroboros II: One Life, One Weight
A3 Lotus – Vlaanderen Ontdooid, België Voltooid
A4 Lotus – Welt
A5 Lotus – You And The Rest Of 'Em
B1 Ship Of Fools – Complacency
B2 Ship Of Fools – Asleep At The Wheel
B3 Ship Of Fools – Slave Away
B4 Ship Of Fools – Sick
B5 Ship Of Fools – Quicksand
B6 Ship Of Fools – Subjugation
B7 Ship Of Fools – Gone Tomorrow

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