Mahoney - Happy Birthday mini-LP

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R.A.S Sounds
Monster Zero

8 track Black Vinyl LP

Hailing from the pretty city of Innsbruck, the four dudes from Mahoney deliver a new 8-song mini LP pressed on a one-sided 12" piece of vinyl. Melodic, fast, aggressive, emotional, provocative: these are the attributes, which describe the 8 songs the best. Hatin' the police, but lovin' the party. Bands like I-Spy, Leatherface and The Clash come to mind at certain times, but Mahoney manages to sound fresh and original. Support your local scene, support the punx worldwide!

A1 - Inspector Mahoney
A2 - From 4 To 5
A3 - Junge (Psychose)
A4 - Turn Away
A5 - Lonely Laughter
A6 - Sleeptalker
A7 - Bezirksliga
A8 Nebelkerzen

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