Mean Jeans ‎– Jingles Collection LP

Image of Mean Jeans ‎– Jingles Collection LP


Fat Wreck Chords ‎(FAT997-1)

23 track Black Vinyl LP

A1 Coors Light
A2 Wendy's (Junior Double Cheeseburger)
A3 Totinos
A4 Sizzler
A5 Pop Rocks
A6 Camel Lights
A7 Kinkos
A8 Mountain Dew
A9 Applebees
A10 Rain-X Wiper Blades
A11 Skoal
B1 180069Shred
B2 Polly-O String Cheese
B3 Hot Pockets
B4 Cheez-its
B5 The Footlong Song
B6 Capri Sun
B7 Taco Bell
B8 Selsun Blue
B9 Best Western
B10 Dunkaroos
B11 Kraft Mac & Cheese
B12 Unknown Product

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