Mean Jeans - Singles LP

Image of Mean Jeans - Singles LP


Dirtnap Records

20 track Black Vinyl LP

This epic 20 song collection comps singles, compilation appearances, a few covers (White Wires, Big Eyes, Sparks) and one track from deep in the vaults making its vinyl debut!

Originally released on labels such as Dirtnap, Goner, Trouble In Mind, It’s Alive, Big Neck, and more, Singles works as a great overview of a now established band’s humble beginnings and subsequent progression. Listening to these songs reminds us of why we fell so hard for these guys in the first place, it’s been really fun for us here at Dirtnap to revisit some of this stuff!

It’s all covered, from their earliest 2 piece recordings, to the 1st album era with Howie Doodat on bass, to their current, slightly (but not much!) more polished lineup with Junior Jeans. This comp shows the band at their rawest, oftentimes most goofy and irreverent, and oftentimes best. Pick it up.

A1 - Stoned 2 The Bone
A2 - Total Creep
A3 - Invisible Bugs
A4 - WTFA401K
A5 - License 2 Chill
A6 - Bogus Memories
A7 - I Think U Stink
A8 - Tears In My Beers
A9 - Cool 2 Drive
A10 - I Remember How
B1 - RU Mental
B2 - Forever Young
B3 - Freaked And Geeked
B4 - Let’s Go B4 I Blow My Brains Out
B5 - Gonerfest Theme
B6 - Possessed To Party
B7 - Terminally Twisted
B8 - I Miss Outerspace
B9 - Since You Left
B10 - Keystone Light

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