Meat Market - Dig Deep LP (blue vinyl)


Recess Records (Recess#198)

14 track Blue Vinyl LP Limited to 300 copies. Stamped inner sleeves and silver vinyl labels exclusive to the first pressing.

While the Clash and countless other classic punk bands met in art school, Alex and Jeff of Meat Market met in physics club. Instead of the usual ol' boring tale of grabbing guitars and ditching school to become International recording artists, these cats tutored each other and kept their noses to the grindage. After passing with flying colors, they decided to take an offer from future mates, Ian and Jake, to help them run their farm. Together they grew an abundance of Kale, long before Kale was king-shit-of-fuck-mountain. Inspired by the Sub-Prime Mortgage Crisis, they purchased a decent sized lot of Farmer Mac bonds, with a sub prime loan and sold the bonds two weeks later, when it jumped up two points. We all know what happened next: Kale blew up a million times over and our buds had to sell the farm. If one thing held them together it was the shared soreness of losing.

This album is their comeback. Don't call it that though.

01 - Dig Deep
02 - Hole
03 - Big Cookie
04 - Disgusting Floor
05 - Bus
06 - Still
07 - Line
08 - Big Dream
09 - Hole 2
10 - World
11 - Tiny Room
12 - Instrumental
13 - Stay
14 - What's It Like

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