Mega - Narcissistic Punk Rock Disorder LP (red vinyl)


One Chord Wonder (OCW-037)
Mom's Basement Records ‎(MBR25)

10 track Red Vinyl LP Limited to 200 copies

The 4th full length from MEGA out of Monza, Italy. 10 melodic pop punk gems on Opaque Red Vinyl. Limited to only 200 copies total so don’t miss out on this masterpiece cos once it’s out of print it’s unlikely to be printed again.

A1 - Narcissistic Punk Rock Disorder
A2 - I Met Lil' Sebastian
A3 - Four Flies On Grey Velvet
A4 - Electric Dreams
A5 - North Rhine-Westphalia
B1 - P.S. You Suck (The War Is Over)
B2 - The Cat O' Nine Tails
B3 - Losers Will Never Win
B4 - The Bird With The Crystal Plumage
B5 - Lazers And Ventolin

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