Various - Mooorree Than Just Another Comp (Operation Ivy tribute) 2xLP (clear vinyl)

Image of Various - Mooorree Than Just Another Comp (Operation Ivy tribute) 2xLP (clear vinyl)


Lavasocks Records
Sell The Heart Records

33 track Double Clear Vinyl LP

We did it, we got 33 bands to cover nearly every Operation Ivy song out there. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to 924 Gilman St.

Lavasocks and Sell The Heart have co-released a 33-track, Double LP Operation Ivy tribute album titled: Mooorree Than Just Another Comp. Including cover versions that span virtually the band’s entire recorded catalog, the album offers plenty of fresh takes on the originals from some of the most exciting punk and ska artists out today.

Featuring contributions from the likes of: The Raging Nathans, Scene Killers, Catbite, Neckscars, Matamoska, The Chinkees, Omnigone, Flying Raccoon Suit and more, the album pays tribute to “the greatest ska-punk band of all time”.

Cover artwork by Tom Lowell

1. Danger Inc. - Knowledge
2. Sweet Gloom - Jaded
3. We Are The Union x Eve 6 - Sound System
4. Plush Palace - Take Warning
5. The Chinkees - The Crowd
6. Matamoska! - Bombshell
7. Eichlers - Unity
8. Neckscars - Vulnerability
9. Keira - Bankshot
10. Union Jack - One Of These Days
11. The Raging Nathans - Gonna Find You
12. Bad Idols - Bad Town
13. Foxx Bodies - Smiling
14. Zilla - Caution
15. Omnigone - Freeze Up
16. Bumsy and the Moochers - Artificial Life
17. The Moore Family Band x Dog Party - Room Without a Window
18. Scene Killers - Big City
19. Flying Raccoon Suit - Missionary
20. Tim Holehouse - Junkie’s Runnin’ Dry
21. The Hellas - Here We Go Again
22. Startle - Hoboken
23. Sad Girlz Club - Yellin’ in My Ear
24. Middle-Aged Queers - Sleep Long
25. Catbite - Healthy Body
26. American Television - Officer
27. Jay Levy - I Got No
28. Michael J. O’Connor - Uncertain
29. Original Son - Someday
30. Heater - Plea For Peace
31. Allweather - Hedgecore
32. Sad Snack - Left Behind
33. Freature - Hangin’ Out

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