Pale Angels - Plastic Legacy LP (colour)

Image of Pale Angels - Plastic Legacy LP (colour)


Rad Girlfriend Records

11 track Random Colour Vinyl LP

Hear angel trumpets and devil trombones on the second installment of the long awaited ‘Plastic Legacy” from transcontinental punk trash band Pale Angels. The album boasts soaring melodies and tortured guitar tones anchored by a fuzz bass guitar that sings uniquely yet thumps rhythmically. ‘Plastic Legacy’ sees Pale Angels’ Jamie Morrison and Michael Santostefano joined by Jerome Westerkamp (songwriter for Cincinnati, Ohio’s VACATION) on drums. This is the second of two new albums they recorded between November 2019 and January 2020, creating a masterpiece of gut wrenching sincerity and sensitivity.

01 John Hays Intro
02 Spent
03 Never Asleep
04 I'm a Boar
05 Loved
06 Lo-Fi Man
07 Garden Variety Blues
08 Nervous Breakdown in Underhill Park
09 Clones
10 My Little Bike
11 Spiders

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