Raging Nathans - Still Spitting Blood LP (blue vinyl)

Image of Raging Nathans - Still Spitting Blood LP (blue vinyl)


Brassneck Records
Rad Girlfriend Records

10 track Blue Vinyl LP Limited to 100 copies.
Includes a free 7"

With their fourth release on Brassneck, we have the new album 'Still Spitting Blood' from THE RAGING NATHANS. A band who can seemingly do no wrong, the Nathans return with an album that's bewilderingly better than the last one. And yes, I said this about the last album too. Probably even the one before that! And each of those albums are still spectacular. I don't know how they do it, they're a punk rock enigma. Once again a split release between Brassneck in the UK and Rad Girlfriend in the US.

A1 Head In A Hole
A2 And You Know I Know
A3 Fucked Olympia
A4 Doubt
A5 The Lime Pit
B1 Still Spitting Blood
B2 Nothing I Can Do
B3 The Answer (Smoke 'Em)
B4 Waste Of Time
B5 This World

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