Raw Power - Tired & Furious LP (green vinyl)

Image of Raw Power - Tired & Furious LP (green vinyl)


Beer City Records

16 track Green Vinyl LP

16 new songs of fast, intense kick-you-in-the-face thrash from a band that's been going strong and pushing the limits of hardcore and thrash since the early 80s!

A1 We’re Moving
A2 Don’t You Dare Blame Us
A3 Time To Remember
A4 S.L.S.
A5 Things Are Bad
A6 Tired And Furious
A7 Reunions
A8 Sin With Me
B1 Stabbed In The Back
B2 I Wont Let You
B3 What Would You Say
B4 Cancer
B5 You’re The Man
B6 Bitch
B7 Falling Down
B8 Enough Is Enough