Shoplifters - Second Nature LP (orange)


Brassneck Records
PopKid Records
Rad Girlfriend Records
Waterslide Records

13 track Clear Orange Vinyl LP

It's been 4 years since Serbia's finest export: SHOPLIFTERS released their previous album. Thankfully, the wait for a new one is coming to an end.

On October 20th, the band will release their new album "SECOND NATURE" on Brassneck [UK], POPKID [US], RAD GIRLFRIEND [US] & WATERSLIDE [JAPAN]. 13 new full-throttle, melodic punk songs which follow on perfectly from 2019’s excellent album, Secret Free World. Throughout Second Nature the band uncorks classic after classic, from the hook-filled title track to the more angular and aggressive “Hungry Lions” to the Leatherface-esque guitar work on “Braced for Fall.”
FFO: China Drum, Snuff Big Drill Car, Husker Du and the 1990s.

250 copies were pressed on clear orange vinyl and you can pre-order it from any one of the above labels right now. And for those of you in Serbia, the band will have copies too so go and see them play a gig.

A1 Second Nature
A2 Everness Again
A3 Hungry Lions
A4 Whenever I Need You
A5 The Ones
A6 Save The Day
B1 YesMeansNo
B2 Like No One Else Before
B3 Unders
B4 Easy Pop
B5 Braced For Fall
B6 Do What You Want
B7 All My Children

Listen / Download here