Smelters - Burnin' Dirt LP (smokey blue vinyl)

Image of Smelters - Burnin' Dirt LP (smokey blue vinyl)


Mom's Basement Records
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12 track Blue Vinyl LP

The debut full length from Smelters from Alberta, Canada! 12 tracks of killer Ramonescore on Smokey Translucent Blue vinyl. These dudes have been a staple up North for years now and we're thrilled to be bringing you their latest and greatest album.

A1 Can't Stop
A2 Dance All Night
A3 Tunnel Man
A4 E.T Pick Me
A5 S.F.G
A6 Friday Night
B1 All Summer (In A Day)
B2 Burnin' Dirt
B3 Highway 28
B4 Got The Love
B5 Danny & Dani
B6 Smelters GO!

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