Snotty Cheekbones - Avanti 10" LP (cream vinyl)

Image of Snotty Cheekbones - Avanti 10" LP (cream vinyl)


Monster Zero

11 track Cream Vinyl 10" LP

Back in '99 the Snotty Cheekbones slammed into the poppunk scene like a juggernaut. Killer songs, shows all over the european continent and shows with The Offspring, Sum 41 & Randy. The punkrockers from Swiss dropped two full-lengths, but mysteriously disappeared in 2008. In 2021 they are back with a new album, 11 songs on a pretty 10”. Catchy, tight, well-produced poppunk with many 2000s influences. FFO old Green Day, Jawbreaker and Ramones.

A1 I Remember
A2 Island
A3 Idiot Parade
A4 Loudmouth
A5 Spoiled White Kids
A6 West End Street
B1 Dirty Teeth
B2 Sunny Day
B3 Silano
B4 Scumbag
B5 Ferry

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