Spoilers - Recently Re-Released LP (colour vinyl)

Image of Spoilers - Recently Re-Released LP (colour vinyl)


Brassneck Records (neck045)
Boss Tuneage (BTRC12-123)
Little Rocket Records
SBAM Records

12 track Random Colour Vinyl LP (copies are a leitehr green or blue vinyl)

'Recently Re-released' is a limited edition vinyl version of Spoilers' compilation CD from last year and it compiles everything they released prior to their debut LP 'Roundabouts'. That means, all 6 songs from the 'Stay Afloat' mini-album, the 2 songs from their split 7" with The No Marks, one previously unreleased song with Kenny (now in Wonk Unit) singing, plus 3 acoustic versions from Spoilers frontman Dan, all one one handy colourful record. You know it makes sense.

A1 All For One
A2 Freaked
A3 Stay Afloat
A4 The Unlucky Winner Is...
A5 Punks Don't Die
A6 Who's To Blame
B1 Same Again (EP Version)
B2 Lost Your Way (EP Version)
B3 Bonjour
B4 Lost Your Way (Acoustic)
B5 Stay Afloat (Acoustic)
B6 Punks Don't Die (Acoustic)

The full stream/download will be available on release day but in the meantime you can hear some of the songs included here