Sweatpants Party – Sweatpants Party LP

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12 track Black Vinyl LP

Kevin Aper is back with 12 fresh poppunk tunes! Recorded by Magic Magi at the Weirdo Garage in Innsbruck with the help of his buddies Jay Dee (Jagger Holly) and Frizzante (Stockkampf). The record features guest appearances by members of The Mugwumps, Ratcliffs, 7 Years Bad Luck, GoMax, Stockkampf and Shirley Maclaines. Mastered by Perry Travolta. Artwork by Merel Schaap from Lone Wolf. Brought to you by Monster Zero. FFO Ramones, Queers, Screeching Weasel and The Apers ;)

A1 Ikea
A2 Gimme Gimme Wok Treatment
A3 Happy Heart
A4 Fuckin' Useless
A5 I Will Never Drink Again
A6 Never Leave You
B1 Elevator
B2 Wasting No More Tears
B3 Super Disappointed
B4 Weird Brain
B5 Nibb-it Party
B6 Luigi / Mario

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