The Hawaiians - Pop Punk VIP LP (white or green vinyl)

Image of The Hawaiians - Pop Punk VIP LP (white or green vinyl)


Last Exit Music

16 track LP on either White (100 copies) or Green (200 copies) Vinyl

The Hawaiians didn‘t waste any time since the release of their latest album „Invading The Summer“. During 2021 they recorded 16 brand new poppunk anthems about primate girls, beach girls and girls from Mars. Influenced by bands like The Queers, Groovie Ghoulies, Travoltas and (of course) the Ramones these three Westerkappeln-based guys are doing their thing since 2000. For their new full length „Pop Punk VIP“ some powerpop elements were added. They also recorded their fastest songs ever, including the singalong „What‘s Normal For The Spider“ featuring legendary RICHIE RAMONE on leadvocals. Produced by Dirk Herden at Hawaiian Beach Studio and with an incredible artwork by Paulinho Tscherniak (Flanders 72) this album is going for gold to make everybody hula headbangin‘…

A1 Across The Sea
A2 Girl From Mars
A3 My Baby's Got A Primate Yeti Brain
A4 Pop Punk VIP
A5 You & The Sun
A6 Welcome To My Batcave
A7 I Can't Find No Sleep
A8 I Am Hunting UFOs
B1 Surfer's Rodeo
B2 Love Radar
B3 Pizza Rock'n Roll
B4 Feels Like Summer
B5 What's Normal For The Spider
B6 Frankenstein Junior
B7 On The Beach
B8 Don`t Go With Him