The Last Mile / PEZZ - Split LP (colour)

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Rad Girlfriend Records

11 track Colour Vinyl LP

In a melodious collusion of sounds, this split LP brings together the distinctive energies of Quebec’s melodic hardcore powerhouse The Last Mile and Memphis pop-punk legends PEZZ. This musical endeavor showcases the raw passion, lyrical depth and sonic versatility of both bands. TLM rip through their side of the record with unrelenting prowess, setting the stage for emotionally charged lyrics and heavy guitars. The seamless fusion of melody and aggression characterizes the band and their side of the record. PEZZ launches into their side with their signature pop punk vibrancy, alternating vocals and infectious melodies. This album is a showcase in juxtaposition, nostalgia and growth. It will resonate with a diverse audience and provide a unique glimpse into the punk rock landscapes of both Memphis and Quebec.

01 The Last Mile - Malfeasance
02 The Last Mile - Red Paint
03 The Last Mile - What If
04 The Last Mile - The Fall
05 The Last Mile - Save You
06 The Last Mile - Insulated
07 PEZZ - A New Capacity
08 PEZZ - Courage, Courage, Courage
09 PEZZ - Hard Lessons
10 PEZZ - Everybody Loses This Time
11 PEZZ - Endnotes

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