The No Marks / Hyalin - Split 7" (colour vinyl)


Brassneck Records (neck007)

4 track 7" on either Orange (210 copies) or Red (110 copies) Vinyl.

THE NO MARKS released their debut 7" at the end of 2013 and this 7" sees 2 brand new recordings of quality melodic punk from ex (and current) members of BLOCKO, CROCODILE GOD & THE DOWN AND OUTS.

This is the debut release from HYALIN who are made up of 2 thirds of BLOCKO and 2 thirds of CHESTNUT ROAD. 1 original song and 1 BROCCOLI cover. El Morgan & Tim Greaves provide additional backing vocals on the Broccoli cover.

A1 - The No Marks - About Tomorrow
A2 - The No Marks - Parasite
B1 - Hyalin - Clear As Glass
B2 - Hyalin - Constance (Broccoli cover version)

Listen / Download here