The Shivvies - The Shivvies LP

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Shield Recordings

14 track Black Vinyl LP

Debut release from The Shivvies from Rotterdam featuring Michiel & Robert from the Real Danger as well as Marien Nicotine from The Windowsill, Giant Eagles & The Apers. They credit Ramones & Riverdales are primary influences and it shows. Genuinely great, catchy pop punk. Highly recommended.

A1 Goodnight Baby
A2 Phonebooth
A3 Snitch
A4 Freak Out
A5 Creepy Vibes
A6 How I Feel
A7 Chemicals
B1 That Girl
B2 Dizzy
B3 Have My Heart
B4 Dimwit
B5 Shivvies
B6 Crocodile
B7 Esperanza

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