The Stitches / Gaggers / Disco Leppers / Stalin Video - The Jet Comix Collection LP

Image of The Stitches / Gaggers / Disco Leppers / Stalin Video - The Jet Comix Collection LP


No Front Teeth

17 track Black Vinyl LP

Includes a 46 page A4 comic book & previously unreleased tracks from each band exclusive to this compilation. With inner sheet & OBI strip

Includes all the songs from Volumes 1-3 of the NFT/ Jet Comix 7” series by THE STITCHES, THE GAGGERS and DISCO LEPERS as well as the brand new Volume 4 which features exclusive songs from STALIN VIDEO and DAVEY & THE LEPERS. Not only that... there is, of course, a brand new accompanying comic for this and all four volumes are collected in a larger-format A4 sized 46 page comic book! But... that’s not it!!! What else could there be??? Wait for it... there are exclusive, previously unreleased tracks from EVERY band featured! That’s right-there’s an unreleased THE STITCHES track from the '12 Imaginary Inches’ sessions, an unreleased THE GAGGERS song from the 'Don’t Follow Me' sessions, and brand new DISCO LEPERS, STALIN VIDEO and DAVEY & THE LEPERS. So in total there are 17 songs (10 of which are previously unreleased), a 46 page comic book, Obi-strip and killer wraparound artwork by Jackie Sudden

A1 The Stitches - Without You
A2 The Stitches - Can't Stand Still
A3 The Gaggers - Gag On This
A4 Disco Lepers - Open Sores
A5 Disco Lepers - God Bless Mark David Chapman
A6 Disco Lepers - Carbon Black
A7 Disco Lepers - Shock Collar
A8 Disco Lepers - Asbestos Kisses
A9 Disco Lepers - Fired From Self-Employment
B1 The Gaggers - Don't Follow Me
B2 The Gaggers - 1000 Miles Per Hour
B3 The Gaggers - No Sympathy
B4 Stalin Video - Nuklear Reaktor
B5 Stalin Video - Radioaktive Kontermination
B6 Stalin Video - Gamma Dekay
B7 Davey And The Lepers - Got An Ulcer
B8 Davey And The Lepers - Not Going