The Subjunctives – Sunshine And Rainbows LP (red)

Image of The Subjunctives – Sunshine And Rainbows LP (red)


Top Drawer Records

16 track Red Vinyl LP

Debut album from Seattle based 3 piece The Subjunctives, playing fast hooky pop punk ala Husker Du, Snuff, and Stiff Little Fingers. Ean from Sicko, Jeff from Four Lights, and Wendell from Desolate Coast.

A1 Guinevere, In Raybans And Chucks
A2 At The Kraken
A3 Spend Your Time
A4 Pass It On
A5 Friday Night
A6 Introverted Girl
A7 Hey Dad
A8 Rotate
B1 Waste My Time
B2 Get Some Sleep
B3 My Girl
B4 One More Year
B5 The Fastbacks Are The Greatest Band In History, So Fuck You
B6 Headed East Again
B7 My E String
B8 Dumbass

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