The Vapids - New Wave Humour LP

Image of The Vapids - New Wave Humour LP


Mom's Basement Records
Surfin' Ki Records

17 track LP on either Clear or Black Vinyl

Remastered LP containing all of the Vapids songs from the 2003 Vapids/Riptides split CD album, plus a B Side of covers of Riptides, Ramones, and The Donnas.

A1 Romeo Romeo
A2 These Very Things
A3 Don't Play Games With My Heart
A4 Inside Your Palace Walls
A5 God Bless The Internet
A6 Sign Language
A7 Black Therapy
A8 We Can't Do It
B1 Gimme Gimme Your Brains
B2 Dragstrip Girl
B3 So Long, Thanks For The Beers
B4 All The Way
B5 Cretin Hop
B6 Friday Fun
B7 Huff All Night
B7 Make Her Mine
B8 Get Rid Of That Boy

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