The Yoohoos – Up Goes The Rocket LP

Image of The Yoohoos – Up Goes The Rocket  LP


Monster Zero ‎(MZ#77)

13 track Black Vinyl LP

Oh yes, the first full-length by The Yoohoos is here! It took awhile, but 'Up Goes The Rocket' was worth the wait. 13 brand new pogo poppunk bubblegum grenades by this sugarsweet German powertrio. Mixed male / female vocals, some Chixdiggit & Groovie Ghoulies influences, a touch of 90s indie / college rock and shitloads of fun! Legendary poppunk producer Mass Giorgini was involved and there's a guest appearance by one of the Phenomenauts as well as a New Order cover.

A1 Hello!
A2 Up Goes the Rocket
A3 Love Disposal Service
A4 Decisions
A5 Planet Heart
A6 Bizarre Love Triangle
B1 Rusty Robot
B2 Spread The Magic
B3 Rainy Cloud
B4 Little Alien
B5 Heart On
B6 Spaceboy
B7 Cuddle All The Kittens

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