Toronto Blessings - Big Wins LP (orange)

Image of Toronto Blessings - Big Wins LP (orange)


Serial Bowl Records

11 track Orange Vinyl LP

Coming from Barnsley, British alt-rockers Toronto Blessings started when their previous band Cavorts came to a conclusion. Growing tired of the constraints of the hardcore/metal scene, they wanted to put something together that would excite them and challenge them as songwriters. They can be found throwing together elements of Alt.Rock, Noise and Post Punk with an injection of Synth. Toronto Blessings offer you some moments of musical solace between the constant battery of modern life.
After releasing a number of EP’s BIG WINS is their debut album, a sonic assault of intense music, relentless energy. Toronto Blessings play noisey post punk at a blistering pace. Abrasive, explosive and loud!!!
Influences include Pissed Jeans, Metz and Meat Wave.

A1 Shirk
A2 All Updates Failed
A3 Teeth & Nails
A4 The Lead Replacer
A5 Omission
B1 Distrait Shooter
B2 Once Changed
B3 Stock Memories
B4 Escape!
B5 False Living, Keeps On Giving
B6 Jewels

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