Travis Cut - In Transit 7" (colour vinyl)


Brassneck Records (neck064)

3 track Vinyl 7" on either Neon Yellow or Orange Vinyl with different colour sleeves for each variant. Each is limited to only 100 numbered copies.

Back in the mid 90s, TRAVIS CUT were a hugely important part of my life. I loved everything they released and, since their split in 2002 their records still receive regular airtime at Brassneck HQ. So to think that I'm here 19 years after they hung up their hats, announcing the release of a "new" TC record is quite a special feeling. I say "new" cos the songs aren't technically new at all. Here's the deal...

In Feb 2002, Travis Cut recorded their 3rd and final John Peel session. A few weeks later they went back into the studio & recorded the same songs. It was meant to be the first session for their 4th album. That album never happened so instead, nearly 2 decades later, these songs are finally seeing the light of day with their own vinyl release.

Available on 2 limited vinyl colours (only 100 of each), "In Transit" mirrors the visual style of the early Incoming Records singles. Black foldover sleeves with a photo & bright bold lettering? Check. Hand stamped white vinyl labels? Check. Amazing melodic punk songwriting? Abso-bloody-lutely! Everything is where is needs to be and it's time to remind yourselves of just how damn good Travis Cut really were.

A1 - In Transit
B1 - Protest And Politics
B2 - Never Wanted Anything

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