Vicious Dreams - Vicious Dreams LP (colour vinyl - 2nd press)


Brassneck Records (neck057)
GC Records
Swamp Cabbage Records

14 track LP on either Red or White Vinyl. Each version is limited to 100 copies.

Originally released on Halloween 2020, the debut LP from Orlando, Florida's Vicious Dreams sold out fast here in the UK. After a few pandemic-related delays, the second pressing is now available for those of you who missed them first time around (and for those of you who want to pick up the 2 limited variants to complete the collection).

Fusing classic punk with elements of garage and rock n roll, the eponymous debut from Vicious Dreams is an up-tempo punk rock tour de force. It's melodic but it's not "pop punk". It's hard but it's not hardcore. It's 14 songs of tightly-written, bouncy, sing-a-long punk rock to be filed prominently in the "essential" section of any discerning punk's record collection.

If you're in the US, you can get this from GC Records or Swamp Cabbage Records. UK/Euro people - you are in the right place.

A1 Wonder Why
A2 Bumper Cars
A3 Won't Think Twice
A4 Hysteria
A5 Thrash
A6 I'm Alive
A7 Instant Gratification
B1 Still Breathing
B2 Matter Of Time
B3 Give It Up
B4 Problem
B5 Nothing
B6 Unwanted
B7 Don't Gotta

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