Zatopeks - Loitering & Sauntering LP - PRE-ORDER


This is a pre-order. The records are due late July 2024 and will ship then, along with anything else ordered at the same time.

Stardumb Records

12 track LP on either Translucent Pink, Babylon Green or Black Vinyl. Pink & Green are Limited to 100 copies each & there are 200 Black.

The Zatopeks are back with a new album called ‘Loitering & Sauntering’! About bloody time, right?! Here’s what Larry Livermore of Lookout Records has to say about it:
“There are many things to love about the Zatopeks – their wit and intelligence alone sets them apart from many run-of-the-mill punk bands – but I’m especially fond of the way they add a hefty dollop of 50s rock and roll and doo-wop to the mix, and how they don’t shy away from vital political issues, both past and present, yet manage to avoid beating you over the head with them. […] They’re one of those rare bands that continues to get better with age, and whose music continues to yield new treasures on repeated listenings.”

1. Kings Of The Hotel Mile
2. Fine Sunny Day
3. Ghosts In The System
4. Stranded In The City
5. Central European Time
6. Blueprints For An Unlived Life
7. Jarama Valley
8. At The Stadium
9. The Hairstyles of Mieczysław Rakowski
10. Magdalene
11. Midnight In East Berlin
12. Angel Of The Old Town

Listen to track 2 here