Raging Nathans / Starter Jackets - Split 7" (red or black vinyl)

Image of Raging Nathans / Starter Jackets - Split 7" (red or black vinyl)


Rad Girlfriend Records

4 track 7" on either Black or Red Vinyl

The Raging Nathans are back again with another split 7", this time teaming up with their label mates from Springfield, IL, Starter Jackets. The Nathans deliver their reliably unique brand of melodic punk, this time with a throbbing, down-stroked slow jam reminiscent of early Weezer or Alkaline Trio and a cover of "El Camino" by The Creeps on the B-Side. Once again we see the songwriting and singing duties on the Starter Jackets songs split between guitarists Luke McNeil (The Copyrights, Hospital Job) and Lanny Durbin (Local Drags). Both songs are quirky and catchy and distinctly different stylistically. Each side of the record features one song from each band, straying from the traditional formula of each band having their own side. Another essential for the ever expanding Raging Nathans collection. FFO: The Copyrights, Weezer, The Creeps, Jimmy Eat World.

A1 Raging Nathans - Go To Sleep
A2 Starter Jackets - Disappearing Ink
B1 Raging Nathans - El Camino (The Creeps cover)
B2 Starter Jackets - Meet Me In The Middle

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