A Lovely Sort Of Death ‎– New Beginnings LP (white vinyl)

Image of A Lovely Sort Of Death ‎– New Beginnings LP (white vinyl)


Water Under The Bridge Records (WUB 011)
Ghoulhouse Records ‎(GH-002)

10 track White Vinyl LP

A Lovely Sort of Death plays a dark, frantic and intense brand of music that is the unmistakable signature unique to this San Pedro trio. Billy and Ray share vocal duties which range from screams, to grunts, to messages yelled in such urgent tones it makes it hard to tell if they want to pull you in close to share a secret with you or if they’re telling you to run for your life because they know something you don't.

Ray hammers away at the drums like a madman on the run from a burning asylum while flanked by Billy and Moe who pound out basslines and guitar riffs that bounce off the inside of your skull, creating deep ruts in your mind that forever leave their mark. Try as you may, but you will not be able to escape their hooks once they've been rooted.

LSD's first full-length release titled New Beginnings is 10 tracks of a brand of music that can only be produced by the three individuals that make up LSD. That alone should be enough to draw out the curiosity that will not only kill the cat, but resurrect it as some kind of three-headed beast responsible for your addiction to a band that causes both night terrors and tremors. Have fun.

A1 - Carbon Data
A2 - Meth Sanctuary
A3 - Cleitus
A4 - Creepy Magician
A5 - Seaside Skinny
B1 - Rats In The Streets
B2 - Hey Lucille
B3 - Bus To Riverside
B4 - Trak Life
B5 - New Beginnings

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