Artcore Fanzine 30 Year Issue #2 - Violent Arrest 7"


New six song Violent Arrest 7" EP 'Authors Of Our Own Demise' on orange vinyl with foldout sleeve, poster insert, badge and download code, featuring art by the legendary Vince Ransid (MDC, Raw Power etc.) and Brian Walsby (7Seconds, Nardcore etc.)

The EP comes with Artcore Fanzine's Thirty Year Anniversary Issue Part Two - The First Four Years - The Interviews 1986 - 1990 - featuring... Rites of Spring / Maggot Sandwich / Adrenalin O.D. / The Freeze / Instigators / Psycho / Corrosion of Conformity / Rest in Pieces / Culture Shock / Cowboy Killers / Urgent Fury / Shrapnel / Life Cycle / Spermbirds / Atavistic / Th’Inbred.

Thanks for your time and supporting DIY hardcore punk.

Violent Arrest - Authors Of Our Own Demise 7" EP

Side A
White Suburban Punk
Fortress Europa
No More Room In Hell

Side B
Authors Of Our Own Demise
Five More Years