Cheap Drugs / Sunpower - Split 7''

Image of Cheap Drugs / Sunpower - Split 7''


Kink Records ‎– KR-037
Spastic Fantastic Records ‎(SFR-79)

6 track Black Vinyl 7"

The spearhead of European hardcore punk pays homage to forming a split-single into a two-headed bastard who will sweep away all lovers of filthy punk shirts and pimped-in snatches. The songs of Sunpower could also come from the Dawanda shop of Jello Biafra. In any case, vocalist Mike often depends on the crochet booth of the DEAD KENNEDYS Brain. Musically, Sunpower are a contraband angora knit mix of NEW BOMB TURKS, ANGRY SAMOANS and POISON IDEA. It smells of Swedish forests and American garages. The petrol-stinking Belgian lumberjack shirts are a grandiose essence of numerous legendary punk and rock 'n' roll bands of the nineties and nilies. Somewhat gloomier and more political ("No border control, let them in!") Come across Cheap Drugs. REAGEN YOUTH encounters a mangy mid-tempo D-beat and more complex 80's HC. Weakened Circle Jerks patch on US Army shorts. Everything played despite the rudeness with heart and enthusiasm. Both bands have been in the scene for many years and know how to bowl the lazy pack from the bar stools [via Google Translate].

A1 – Sunpower - Pray To Destroy
A2 – Sunpower - Total Hate Song
A3 – Sunpower - Smells Like A Rat
A4 – Sunpower - Life Time
B1 - Cheap Drugs - Rules
B2 – Cheap Drugs - Breed / Die
B3 – Cheap Drugs- Border Controll

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