Cyclops - Escape From Cyclops Island LP (orange vinyl)

Image of Cyclops - Escape From Cyclops Island LP (orange vinyl)


Jonny Cat Records ‎(MUTANT 17)

12 track Clear Orange Vinyl LP

Cyclops are a savage garage trash punk duo formed by Jonnycat (The Chemicas) on vocals and guitars & Tina Lucchesi (Bobbyteens, Trashwoman, Top 10) on vocals and drums. They come from Cyclops Island (outside the Californian coast) and they describe their music as a mix of "RAW MEAT, LOUDNESS, FUZZ, BABIES SCREAMING, VOLCANOS ERUPTING, SMELLY FARTS, RAWWWWWW RAWKKK N ROLL"... Can't really argue with that.

A1 - Eye Of The Storm
A2 - Cyclops
A3 - Minds Eye
A4 - Eye Like It Cause It's Cool
A5 - Let's Go
A6 - In Spite Of Ourselves
B1 - Night Of The Cyclops
B2 - Eye Don't Know
B3 - Eye Hate U
B4 - Eye Can't Take It
B5 - One Eye
B6 - Eye-tro

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