Dan Padilla / Down And Outs - Split 7"

Image of Dan Padilla / Down And Outs - Split 7"


All In Vinyl (AIV023)

4 track Purple Vinyl 7"

Dan Padilla are made up of members of Tiltwheel, Madison Bloodbath and Sunnyside. After several 7"s and LPs they have well and truly established themselves as the kings of DIY melodic gruff punk. Don't believe me? Just take a listen!

The Down and Outs follow up their "Forgotten Streets" LP with two brand new songs, their first release as a 3 piece. Nothing has changed, great melodic street punk with blazing guitars and soaring Liverpudlian vocals.

A1 – Dan Padilla - Why Bother
A2 – Dan Padilla - Torn And Teathered
B1 – Down And Outs - It's Alright
B2 – Down And Outs - Turnaround

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