Dopamines - Tales of Interest LP (colour vinyl) - PRE-ORDER


This is a pre-order. Release date is 2nd July 2017 so all orders will be posted to arrive by that date. If you order other stuff at the same time it will all ship together. Cheers

Rad Girlfriend Records

Clear vinyl (70 copies) or pink vinyl (150 copies) LP.

Their fourth full-length album, Tales of Interest sees the Cincinnati, Ohio band return with another dose of hard hitting, fast acting punk rock. Fans of the band are already familiar with their self-deprecating, alcohol soaked brand of punk rock. But for new listeners, Tales of Interest will be much more than that. The lyrical content has more depth, the overall feel of the record is much darker than past releases and the band itself seems to have grown into a more mature albeit still drunk version of their former selves. This is the record The Dopamines have always wanted to make.

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You can listen to a couple of songs from the LP here and here

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