Failures Union - Tethering LP

Image of Failures Union - Tethering LP


Dead Broke Rekerds ‎(DBR-113)

13 track Black Vinyl LP

Buffalo, New York's long-standing indie/pop/rock bands' third full-length album. For fans of Gin Blossoms, Goo Goo Dolls, Cheap Girls, Lemuria & other indie pop goodness.

A1 - Painting Lines
A2 - Human Shield
A3 - The Furthest Point
A4 - Lay Me Out
A5 - I Have Never Been
A6 - The Arrow
B1 - Between
B2 - Lost A Fight
B3 - Landlines
B4 - Vs. The Tide
B5 - Busted Open
B6 - Finer Print
B7 - Hard To Sea

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