Horrible Things - Everybody Else LP

Image of Horrible Things - Everybody Else LP


Secret Pennies Records

10 track Black Vinyl LP Limited to 300 copies.

Horrible Things is a band from Champaign, IL, and this is their first vinyl LP. Guitar, Bass, Drums, and Vocals are all performed by Tim Reynolds (Hospital Job) and the LP is engineered & mixed by Luke McNeil (The Copyrights, Hospital Job).

A1 - A Million Times
A2 - Half-Smile
A3 - Twelve Screens
A4 - Over and Over Again
A5 - Those Eyes
B1 - In The Back Of Your House
B2 - Laundry Detergent
B3 - I Avoided It
B4 - I Picked A Side
B5 - One Of Them

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