Hot Mass - Nervous Tensions LP (colour vinyl)


Brassneck Records (neck018)
All In Vinyl (AIV040)
Waterslide Records (WS145)

10 track "Duck Egg Blue" Vinyl Limited to 329 copies.

Hot Mass are a new band from Swansea who include guys you may (or should) know from THE ARTERIES, DIVIDERS & 33. They've been jamming their unique style of noisy frantic punk around the UK since 2015 and now we finally see their debut release, the "Nervous Tensions" LP available on colour vinyl.

A1 - I Think I'm Done
A2 - Dead Skin
A3 - Scared
A4 - Searching For The Man
A5 - Old Friend
B1 - Repeat
B2 - Action At A Distance
B3 - Control
B4 - Get Better
B5 - Oh Well

Listen / Download ("name your price") here