Kepi Ghoulie - Lost & Lovin' It LP (purple vinyl)


Eccentric Pop Records

13 track Purple Vinyl LP.

"Lost and Lovin It," the new full length from Kepi Ghoulie, draws influence from the entire spectrum of his long career - from upbeat pop punk ragers to mellow introspections of catchy folk / Americana. This is Kepi at his very best.

A1 - The Anchor Song
A2 - It''s A Wonderful Life
A3 - Heroes
A4 - Lattitude 38
A5 - Lost And Lovin' It
A6 - Lone Wolf
A7 - Youtopia
B1 - Pushing And Pulling
B2 - To Court And To Woo
B3 - Lattitude 58
B4 - Inkpot
B5 - White Whale
B6 - Lost And Loving It

Listen to the title track here