Spells ‎– Stimulants & Sedatives LP (colour vinyl)

Image of Spells  ‎– Stimulants & Sedatives LP (colour vinyl)


Rad Girlfriend Records

11 track LP on either neon orange (200 copies) or random colour vinyl (varying shades of dark red / maroon)

SPELLS from Denver, CO debuts on Rad Girlfriend Records with their 2nd LP, "Stimulants and Sedatives". The album is unique in the fact there is no A side or B side. Both sides are designed to provide the listener with a radical non linear musical enjoying experience. This band rocks. The five-piece juggernaut is self-described as "vacation rock". They produce short blasts of intense melody and driving rhythms that are custom made to entertain the band members themselves and serve as an excuse to go play shows in cities that have beaches nearby. I mean, isn't that why anyone plays in a band?

1 We Can't Relate
2 I'll Never See
3 Nose Dive
4 Reduction In Force
5 The Matador
6 Down Every Road
1 We've Arrived
2 Sick & Tired (Of Being Sick & Tired)
3 West Of Syracuse
4 Break Out
5 I'm Sorry I'm Not Sorry

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