Knife Club – We Are Knife Club LP (red vinyl)

Image of Knife Club – We Are Knife Club LP (red vinyl)


5FeetUnder Records ‎(FEET098)
TNS Records ‎(TNS093)

12 track Red Vinyl LP Limited to 300 copies

Knife Club feature Zoë Barrow (Casual Nausea) and Andy Davies (Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man/TNSrecords) on vocals, Eliott Verity (Nosebleed) on guitar/vocals, Dan Flanagan (Haest/Matilda’s Scoundrels) on guitar, Dani Rascal (Faintest Idea) on bass/vocals and Chris ‘Big Hands’ Hinsley (Revenge of…) on drums. The band formed after a drunken night in Hastings and have since been building up interest in a secretive fashion whilst also booking gigs at Rebellion Festival, Manchester Punk Festival and Wotsit Called Fest, alongside a series of club gigs in the UK and Denmark. They have also been negotiating the logistical nightmare of travelling hundreds of miles for band practises, a bitter North/South divide and justifying why they are together at random gigs in random places at random times.

A1 Making A Big Meal Of It
A2 Schnitt Mit Dem Küchenmesser
A3 Remember The Gold Dollar Sign Hoodie?
A4 Artex
A5 The Tibby Tan Tiger
A6 Working Class Tories
B1 The 1%
B2 I Mean, I'd Probably Take An Adidas Endorsement
B3 Killing Two Birds With Two Stones
B4 Do You Want a Knife With That Salad?
B5 27% Of Statistics
B6 TNSClub7

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