Maladroit - Jerk Alert CD

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14 track CD in jewel case

In Paris, there’s more than wine, tourists and the Eiffel tower. Maladroit brings you ultra catchy punkrock! Their debut album contains 14 mega hits, sang in both French and English. Smart and witty lyrics, combined with ultra-tight punkrock music, drenched in a poppy sauce, Ooh-lala. Live, the four Frenchies deliver, on record they reign! Another European classic for ya!, Pour toi, oui?

01 Jerk Alert!
02 Burger O.D.
03 Comfort Zone
04 Morning Glory On Tour Feels Like Hell
05 She Fucked Me Up
06 Don't Tell My Girlfriend I Got A New Band
07 Madfab Hates Keyboards
08 Jimmy's Boss
09 There's No "I" In DIY
10 Girls On Film
11 I Hate Your Hello Kitty Underwear
12 Low Enough
13 Jeter La Clef
14 Brutalite

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