Sharp/Shock ‎– Unlearn Everything LP

Image of Sharp/Shock ‎– Unlearn Everything LP


Heart And Skull Records ‎(HS-001)

10 track Black Vinyl LP

Debut LP from Sharp/Shock and the first release on Alakaline Trio's Heart And Skull Records. Singer/Guitarist Davey Warsop (Beat Union, Suedehead) and bassist Dan Smith (The Dear & Departed) are UK exports. Smith by way of New Zealand and also widely known for his achievement in the tattoo world, they both moved to Southern California in the early 2000s without knowing each other. Korey Kingston (The Aggrolites/ Suedehead) would end up completing this trio perfectly. Despite their different geographical beginnings, they quickly realized they were all very much from the same place. Musically, it is exactly what you might expect kids schooled early on
The Jam and Stiff Little Fingers would sound like. Then, submerse that in the sun drenched beach cities of Southern Californian surf, skate, and punk culture and the sounds of Descendents or early Green Day and you will find SHARP/SHOCK.

A1 - Sub Society
A2 - Troublemaker
A3 - The Tension
A4 - Away From The Man
A5 - I Don't Wanna Be A Millionaire
B1 - Bees And Honey
B2 - Infatuation
B4 - Life At The Top
B5 - Wahey The Lads!

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